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We are your low rate source for music for:
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Film/Movie sound track
  • Telephony loops (PBX systems)
  • Commercial music for advertisers
  • Custom sounds for corporate clients
We specialize in elevated customer service in creating the right sound for your project. MLM will create an affordable memorable music "hook" for you that will be the evergreen for your campaign. We are musically versatile and are confident that we can create the sound and music style you want (i.e.,  pop, R&B, jazz, rock & roll, blues, country, funk, hip hop, classical and more) and provide you with the final format (CD or DAT) to be aired. We specialize in background music for radio and television commercials, programs and shows and will license for use in all 210 DMAs and all 302 Radio Metro markets with no additional license renewal fees or royalty payments.

MLM is a music company that is operated and managed by Tony Rankin, CM. Tony is a composer/arranger/producer and has written numerous songs, jingles and background music tracks for major corporations including  Pizza Hut; has released 4 audio compact discs internationally including the latest, "Twine Time" by Rankinfyle, Jazz Rhythm Masters sm and is a voting member for NARAS (National Academy for Recording Arts & Sciences), the organization that sponsors the Grammy Awards.

Audio tracks are recorded in our own studio, Sweet Pea Studio, Chicago,  on a digital format. We can create new music or build off your existing concept.
We have provided some audio sample sounds on this site for your listening experience, but keep in mind that we can customize the sound just for you.
"We speak the universal language for you".

Please contact us today to start creating your melodic logo! We look forward to serving you.
Thank you. 


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