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Low Rate Packages!

Baritone Package $599
Instrumental music only and includes local DMA (add $250 for each additional DMA).

Alto  Package  $1199

Includes local DMA, 3 edits, singing and lifetime license (add $250 for each additional DMA)

Tenor Package $1999
Includes all 210 DMAs (or all 302 Radio Metros) 3 edits, singing and lifetime license.

Soprano Package $3499
Includes the Tenor package plus a worldwide market license


Commercial editing includes a 30 or 60 second version in one of the following formats:
no singing (only a music bed for voice-over use)
intro singing (singing only at the beginning of th jingle)
outro singing (singing only at the end of the jingle)
intro and outro singing (singing at the beginning and end of the jingle)
full singing (singing throughout the jingle)

Please contact us for convenient payment options.

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